Dr. Pritpal Singh (Founder-Director)

Dr. Singh holds M.Sc. Ph.D (India & UK) followed by awards - MRIC. C. Chem (London), MES, MACS (USA), MDCMA (USA), LMIPA (Bombay), LMIHPA (Lucknow), MIABL (USA). The field of research involved the scientific evaluation. Dr. Singh is a Member or a Fellow of numerous well known scientific, medical and environmental societies of the World in the field of Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Plant Design, Environmental Engineering and related technologies.

Area of Specialization – Industrial development (Pharmaceuticals/ Chemicals/ Bio- Chemical/ Fermentation)

Dr. B.S. Mejie (Consultant)

Mr. Mejie is a graduate engineer in Production Engineering followed by Master’s in Business Administration from England.

Area of Specialization – Engineering (Production)

Mr. Devinder Bir Singh Gill (Consultant)

Mr. Gill holds a Masters Degree in Economics and is a qualified Chartered Accountant.

Area of Specialization – Finance

Dr. Brijender Singh Lal (Advisor)

Dr. Lal holds Medical Degree (M.D.) in medicine and a Medical Practitioner by profession.

Area of Specialization –Medicine

Prof. S.C. Jain (Advisor)

Dr. Jain holds a Ph.D in Chemical Engineering and has published numerous publications on environmental studies.

Area of Specialization – Chemical Engineering and Design

Prof. Tilak Raj Bhardwaj (Advisor)

Prof. Bhardwaj holds a Ph.D in Pharmaceutical Sciences and is highly acclaimed Pharmacist of International repute.

Area of Specialization – Pharmaceutical Science

Dr. (Ms) Surjit Kaur Sandhu (Consultant)

Dr. Sandhu holds a degree of M.B.B.S (medicine) and is involved in social work for improving the health conditions of the weaker sections of the society.

Areas of Specialization – Health and Family Welfare

Foundation has regular staff that manages administrative, research/training and field work. Some of them are:

Dr. Pritpal Singh (Director-Principal)

M.Sc. Ph.D (India & UK), MRIC. C. Chem (London), MES, MACS (USA), MDCMA (USA), LMIPA (Bombay), LMIHPA (Lucknow), MIABL (USA)

Mr. Maninder Singh (Management Officer- Field Supervisor & Data Analyst)

M.A. Sociology (Punjab University)

Ms. Sarbjeet Kaur (Administrative Officer- Computer Applications & Data Analyst)

M.Com (Punjabi University) and Post Graduation Diploma in Computer Application

Besides regular staff, Foundation also appoints need-based office and field staff on part-time and contractual basis relating to sponsored projects and programmes.